Executive Management Services, Inc. is partnering with schools across the country to provide budget friendly cleaning services that are better for students and less harmful to the environment. We are committed to keeping schools clean for a healthier learning experience all year long, because keeping classrooms clean helps keep kids healthy.

EMS understands cleaning in an “educational” setting. Our management team is responsive and knowledgeable. We have systems and methods that have been tested and are ready to be implemented in your schools. EMS takes great pride in its hiring process and utilizes many resources to bring in qualified and dedicated individuals, always keeping the safety of your students and teachers our top priority.

Outsourcing is cost effective. With the trend of reduced educational funding continuing, this change makes it possible to keep valuable teachers in place and diminish the effect on curriculum. In addition to the visible cost reductions you will see, less time would be spent handling all the various HR duties such as hiring/firing, discipline, benefit plan administration, payroll, etc. This “hidden” time savings will prove very valuable as well.